S.K.R Public SchoolBohrianwala Thalla, Inderpuri, New Delhi(Recognised & Affiliated to CBSE)

Overview of SKR Public School

The most important outcome of S.K.R Public School is 
to  help Students become independent
of formal  Education

The saplings of S.K.R Public School were laid on 1st August 1986 by the Managing Society “Goswami Sati Kewal Ramji (Bohrianwala) Memorial Society (Regd.)” whose motto is “Service to Humanity is Service to God” under the guidance of the founders Late Lala Takhat Ram Ji and Late Devi Diyal Ji. They started the school with only two children, three rooms & a faculty of three teachers.

       In the present scenario it has completed its 33 gala years and boasts of a sprawling institute. The school has always given a democratic environment that gives everybody a chance to grow & develop. The training of mind, emotions & aesthetic facilities are a way of life in S.K.R Public School. The school is churning out hundreds of students to unparallel heights of building talents both in scholastic & non- scholastic domains.

About Society

S.K.R. Public School is run by the society Goswami Sati Kewalramji (Bohrianwala) Memorial Society (Regd.) established on 1st August 1986, whose motive is “ SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS SERVICE TO GOD”.  Goswami Sati Kewal Ramji was one of the greatest saints who lived in India about 400 years ago. He used to meditate under the banyan (Bohir) tree at the bank of River Indus. This mountainous place is called “BILOTE” located in the district of Dera Ismail Khan (D. I. Khan) which is now a part of North-West Frontier Province (now renamed as Pakhtunistan by Late Sarhadi Gandhi, Red Shirt Leader, Khan Adbul Gaffar Khan in Pakistan). People of all faiths-Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians – extend their reverence to the saint. He preached universal PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD. An English Scholar Mr. Allan Entwistle obtained Ph.D on this saint from London University in 1983.

This Society is funded by voluntary donations. The funds are used exclusively in the service
of humanity without any distinction of caste, color and creed. All donations are tax deductibles under Indian Income Tax Act, Section 80(G).